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This section presents the reports and deliverables produced in project Pulping


Deliverable 1.1 – Report for the response of genotypes under abiotic stress conditions

Deliverable 2.1 – Reports of the most bioactive extract obtained from pumpkin by-products

Deliverable 2.2 – Report with the technical specifications of the preserving compounds developed

Deliverable 2.3 – Report with the most suitable extraction conditions for obtaining the preserving compounds from pumpkin by-products

Deliverable 2.4 – Report with the mathematical models (obtained by RSM) of the dependent variables used in the optimization of the extraction of the preserving compounds


Deliverable 6.2 – Characterization of wastes and wastewaters generated from different processes

Deliverable 7.2 – PulpIng project website

Periodic report (12 Months)

Deliverable 7.5 – Annual Coordination Report (12 Months)

Midterm Report (18 Months)

Deliverable 7.5 – Annual Coordination Report (24 Months)

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